Boxship Restricted from Sailing After Third Breakdown in a Year

Credits: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

A cargo ship broke down in New Zealand’s capital main shipping channel over the weekend, the third such event in less than a year, reports Safety4sea.

Container ship detained

The cargo ship was leaving Wellington for Napier on Saturday morning when it experienced a power outage. With its power cut, the ship drifted out of the main channel before dropping two anchors and coming to a stop. Two tugboats accompanied the Singapore-registered ship as it returned to Wellington’s dock.

According to Wellington regional harbourmaster Grant Nalder, the ship also had a technical problem in July of last year that required a few days to rectify. The ship also had an issue in February of this year, albeit it was less serious and more of a blip, according to Nalder.

This is the third time, which I’m not happy about and they are looking very carefully at the ship,” said Grant Nalder to local news.

As a result, the boat is not allowed to leave Wellington Harbour until all power generators and the main engine are fully operational to the satisfaction of the vessel’s Classification Society and the vessel is safe to sail. The requirements will continue in effect until the repairs are completed and Maritime NZ issues a notice of withdrawal.

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Source: Safety4sea