British Family Moves Into A Fantasy Home Made From Shipping Containers


  • For the same price, you can currently buy a single car parking space in a multi-storey car park in Islington.
  • The renovation started in June 2020 on the site of a house which had collapsed due to a flood.
  • There are mistakes now that I regret, but everything can be fixed with money and effort.

After spending £52,000 on shipping containers, a British family will move into their ideal home nestled in the lush Colombian mountains as reported by Daily Mail.

New home

When Fiona Rivadeneira, 43, was growing up in Surrey’s suburbs, she dreamed of establishing her own home in an exotic area.

Ms Rivadeneira and her husband, Juan Carlos, 46, took the unusual step of using old shipping containers to construct a new home for their family after finding the ideal location in the Colombian mountains.

The duo is putting the finishing touches on their unusual £52,000 project after an 18-month battle that involved logistical issues carrying many containers up the mountain.

Sofia, 11, and Sebastian, 10, the couple’s two children, are now prepared to move into the gorgeous residence.

A single car parking place at a multi-story car park in Islington can now be purchased for the same amount.

Unusual plans 

At first, friends reacted with disbelief to Fiona’s unusual plans and said it would be impossible to even get the 40ft shipping containers to the site.

Fiona said: ‘People said we were crazy to try and get the materials up a winding mountain road and often asked us why are we building with containers?’

‘Now when they see the transformation, they say wow.’

Actor Fiona Rivadeneira, 43, and her husband, Juan Carlos, 46 had long dreamed of building her own house in an exotic location.

The renovation started in June 2020 on the site of a house which had collapsed due to a flood.

Fascinating containers 

Fiona started the design and building process by looking at similar designs online and then asked an architect to draw up a house layout.

It cost roughly 250 million Colombian pesos – around £52,000.

‘The stress was normal, but I had absolute faith that I could do it, I never doubted that.’

Inside the modern and spacious kitchen in Fiona’s new home entirely fashioned from disused shipping containers, The veranda will provide stunning views of the remote Colombian mountains in the summer Fiona added: ‘I have always had a fascination for containers and would look at pictures and ideas online.’

‘We are still a work in progress, we have more terrace roofs to put up, glass coverings, curtains, closets, and beautiful gardens to surround the container.’


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Source: Daily Mail


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