British Invention Designed To Defeat Cyber-Pirates


A British company has developed an award-winning ‘magic box’ that protects superyachts from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, reports British Marine.

‘Osprey’ device

Computer Network Defence’s ‘Osprey’ device was created to combat the specific threats that high net-worth individuals face while on board their superyachts.

Having provided cyber-security on vessels for several years, the company realized that a new form of technology was required, especially for smaller vessels, which lacked the infrastructure to host traditional services.

With nothing on the market, it developed a briefcase-sized appliance that constantly monitors threats and reports them to the Computer Network Defence (CND) team.

Staff is on duty 24/7 at the company’s HQ in Corsham near Bath and its specialist security center on the Isle of Man, and they take the necessary actions to eliminate threats.

This year’s Dubai International Boat Show heard how cyber-attackers were now considered a new type of pirate – the cyber-pirate – and boat operators were increasingly concerned.

While designed for superyachts, the Osprey is capable of protecting any sea-going vessel, no matter how large.

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Source: British Marine