British Prime Minister Broke the Law?


Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled, reports CNN.

Disagree but Respect

Mr Johnson suspended – or prorogued – Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, but judges said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale said “the effect on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme.”

The PM said he “profoundly disagreed” with the ruling but would “respect” it.

Possible proroguing again?

Mr Johnson insisted he wanted to outline his government’s policies in a Queen’s Speech on 14 October, and to do that, Parliament must be prorogued and a new session started.

During a speech in New York, the PM said he refused to be deterred from getting on with an “exciting and dynamic domestic agenda”, and to do that he would need a Queen’s Speech.

The court ruling does not prevent him from proroguing again in order to hold one, as long as it does not stop Parliament carrying out its duties without reasonable justification.

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Source: CNN


  1. Your question mark at the end of the headline “British Prime Minister broke the law?” suggests that there is an element of doubt about this. There is not. The UK’s top legal brains unanimously decided that he had broken the law and that is the end of the matter. Regardless of how much Johnson and co might wriggle and whinge and insist that the judges are mistaken, the fact is that he and his team broke the law. Although Johnson has a posh and plummy Eton accent, he is now the same as countless prison inmates around the world all insisting that they are innocent and that their judges were biased. The only difference is that Johnson is wearing a half-decent suit and has yet to be locked-up.

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