British Sailor Buried At Sea


British sailor is buried at sea after being swept into the Pacific Ocean during Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

Sarah Young, 40, from London, was hit by a large wave as she tended to the mainsail aboard the IchorCoal, a 70ft yacht competing in the race, on Friday.  She took part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race that took participants through various continents on 70-foot yachts.

The tragedy happened in the mid-North Pacific at about 1.45pm UK time as the crew headed from China to Seattle in America.  She was not tethered to the yacht and got swept into the ocean. Even Though her crewmates recovered the body, she never regained consciousness.

Organizers said her death was the second fatality and the first one happened last year when a British paramedic named Andrew Ashman was knocked unconscious by the mainsheet and never regained  on the same boat.

Sailors on the 11 other yachts taking part in the race gathered on their own vessels for a minute’s silence in honour of Miss Young at the same time as the sea burial.

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