Brunswick River Mystery : Five-Year Investigation Continues


Initiative Goals

A Unified Command was established in Brunswick to coordinate the response and disseminate information regarding the Brunswick East River Mystery Sheen (BERMS) Response.

This initiative aims to address and mitigate the environmental impact of an unexplained sheen affecting the Brunswick East River, an issue under investigation since February 2019. Five years later, the petroleum leak persists, emitting strong, often overwhelming odors similar to burning oil or rubber, which fluctuate with the tides

Containment and Recovery Efforts

To contain and recover the unidentified substance entering the water, hard booms and absorbent materials have been strategically placed around the waterfront property. Despite ongoing efforts, the source of the sheen remains unknown.

The Unified Command has spill response contractors working to locate and secure the source of the discharge to prevent any potential environmental impacts.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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