Brutal Catfight on Carnival Glory for the Second Time


Violent Catfight breaks out aboard the cruise ship for the second time!!!


A violent catfight broke out onboard the cruise ship ‘Carnival Glory’ operated by Carnival Cruise line recently.  The first fight was reported a few days back in front of the Information desk on the ship’s lobby, now a second fight has been reported onboard the same ship for a second consecutive time.  The reason for both the violent clashes among passengers is not clear.

Video of both the clashes has been uploaded to YouTube by user Jasmin Fuentes.  In the first video, we can see several passengers exchanging fist fights, pushing and ripping the shirts of others passengers, ship’s crew members and the security personnel’s trying to break them apart.  The second video uploaded recently shows two females involved in a catfight near the Casino bar.  The other passengers present there to try to break them up while a crew member can be heard calling for the security.

These videos highlight the unruly behaviour of passengers disturbing the peace of both their fellow passengers and crew members on board the cruise ship.  Certain travel etiquette should be followed by passengers to prevent unwarranted fights and cruise ships should put forth strict rules to curtail fights by banning the passengers who display unruly behaviour.

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Source: Cruise Hive