BSM Unveils Ship Monitoring Tool


Bernhard Schulte Ship management launched a new digital tool to assist with ship dry dock planning and maintenance, says an article published in Riviera Maritime Media.

Great degree of transparency 

To provide greater transparency of ship’s performance for shipowners, managers and crew, Performance Overview has been added to its existing LiveFleet monitoring platform.

Owners can use performance data to inform their decisions about drydocking ships for hull cleaning and system maintenance.

BSM claims that LiveFleet has become an important part of its smart pal, a class-certified ship management enterprise resource planning system.

Ship performance visibility 

“This unique level of transparency ensures all three sides can collaborate in real-time, utilising data-driven insights to advance decisions on performance and efficiency.”

Constantly striving for improvement

“At BSM, we constantly strive to improve interactions with our customers as well as be transparent to increase their competitiveness in this challenging market environment,” said Mr Deelen.

“The development of intelligent solutions and technologies is in line with our digitalisation strategy, which makes the fleet we manage even more efficient and sustainable.”

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Source: Riviera Maritime Media


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