Bulk Carrier Collides with Nuclear Ice-breaker



The bulk carrier Nordic Barents collided with the nuclear icebreaker Vaygach in the Kara Sea off Russia.

What happened?

The cargo vessel was under escort with the icebreaker ahead through the ice, when the freighter hit the stern of the front ship. The bulk carrier’s bow struck icebreaker’s wooden fender.

Damage to cargo ship:

The cargo ship Nordic Barents suffered slight damages to its bow and several dents, but without breaches and reported water ingress.

The nuclear icebreaker Vaygach was not damaged.

The convoy stopped for a while to ensure that the collision did not cause any damages to both vessels and shortly after that proceeded towards their respective destinations.  

No pollution reported:

Fortunately, during the accident, there were no injured people and no reported pollution.

The bulk carrier Nordic Barents was en route from Port Dickson in Kara Sea to Murmansk.

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Source: Morvesti


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