Bulk Carrier Intentionally Grounded After Touching Bottom


The Incident:

The bulk carrier Nevskiy-4 suffered water ingress after breaching of bow and middle ballast tanks at Koshkinsky fairway in Ladoga Lake on the Neva River in Russia.

What happened?

The vessel reportedly touched the bottom near 1314-km mark, but proceeded ahead without getting stuck into the shallow. The incident caused breaches of the bow and middle 12th and 22nd ballast tanks and well as their flooding.

Intentional Grounding:

The damages increased the list to starboard with 6 degrees and the vessel was in danger from sinking. The skipper decided to head directly to the shallow at 1319-km mark and intentionally grounded the bow. The crew started pumping out the water from the vessel and the shipowner asked two move bulkers to assist with cargo transfer. The problem was solved without causing danger for the ship and traffic in the area.

There were no reported oil leaks and water pollution. The local authorities are investigating the accident. All the nine crew are reportedly safe and without injuries.

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Source: PortNews IAA


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