Bulk Carrier Loses Engine Power


Bulk carrier loses engine power near west of Eisenhower Lock in Massena, reports NNY360.

What happened?

The vessel Federal EMS lost engine power on the St. Lawrence Seaway west of the Eisenhower Lock on Thursday morning. A tug was called upon to help move it. 

Veteran ship watcher Michael J. Folsom tweeted Thursday morning, “Federal EMS is in fact aground west of Eisenhower Lock after losing engine power and drifting out of the narrow channel where it hit bottom.”

Moored for inspection

Mr. Folsom said, Federal EMS will stay moored at the mooring cell until an inspection is complete. 

Not aground & No damage

St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation officials said the ship is not aground, but was anchored next to the channel approaching the Eisenhower Lock.

Officials said in a statement, “the vessel, Federal EMS, experienced a loss of main propulsion and is currently anchored next to the channel approaching Eisenhower Lock with navigation temporarily suspended.” 

There is no pollution, no injuries or no ingress of water, officials also confirmed. 

Details on lock traffic 

Mr. Folsom said engine trouble occurred as the ship was making its approach to the Eisenhower Lock early Thursday morning. 

Seaway west of the lock 

Other traffic on the Seaway west of the lock was stopped earlier in the morning because of thick fog.

West and East of Massena 

Mr. Folsom said downbound traffic west of Massena and upbound east of Massena is free to proceed to an anchorage closer to the lock “with the understanding there is a turn of order in place.” 

Upground traffic west of the lock is free to navigate as the fog lifts.

Dive survey progress

Mr. Folsom reported via Twitter that the tugboat Robinson Bay was being sent to assist moving Federal EMS to mooring, and a dive survey was expected to be completed. 

“Tug crew members have been dropped at mooring cells just downriver from where the ship is located,” Mr. Folsom tweeted. 

“Once Federal EMS is secured at mooring and dive inspection is completed, then traffic will be permitted to resume. Still no timeframe yet.”

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Source: NNY360


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