Bulk Carrier Ran Aground in Parana River



The bulk carrier Agios Sostis ran aground in Parana river at the berth in Ramallo, Argentina. The low water level caused vessel to reach the bottom and stuck into the berth during cargo handling operations.  The accident was reported to local authorities and ship was towed to safe depth, where was anchored for special survey and safety inspection.  The bulk carrier Agios Sostis remained at the anchorage due to continuous low level of the water on the terminal.  There is no report about hull damages and water pollution, but situation went complicated due to continuous drought at the river and low depth at the cargo terminals.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way.  Fortunately there were no injured people and no water pollution.  The vessel remains at the anchorage, being secured by two tugs.  The traffic in the shipping way is not affected and there was no congestion.

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Source: Fleetmon


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