Bulk Carrier Sinks Off Shanghai, 12 Rescued


A Chinese bulk carrier capsized and sank 2 nautical miles off Yangshan Port of Shanghai at Jinshan fairway.


Accident  : Vessel Capsized
Vessel type : Bulk Carrier
Location : 2 nautical miles off Yangshan Port of Shanghai
Casualties/Pollution : None reported
En route : From Ningbo to Nanjing

Twelve crew members were rescued from a bulk carrier carrying 4,600 tons of iron ore which sank 2 nautical miles off Yangshan Port of Shanghai.  The bulk carrier capsized after the cargo shift as the products in the hold were not trimmed properly.

The listing increased swiftly when the vessel advanced through Jinshan fairway and the crew lost control over the vessel.  All the 12 Chinese Seamen boarded a life raft who were later saved by the Chinese coast guard. No injuries were reported.

Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has issued a navigational warning at Jinshan fairway.  The local authorities are investigating the root cause behind the accident.  Nevertheless, the authorities will keep a tab on the corrective measures of the officers while treating the increasing list.



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