Bulker Wreck Spews Oil Amid Bad Weather

Credits: Riley/Unsplash

Employees of the Gibraltar Port Authority were busy over the Easter weekend, cleaning up the latest debris to wash ashore from the wreck of the OS 35 bulk carrier, reports Splash247.

Bad weather strikes ship 

Bad weather last week saw the stricken ship, lying a few hundred metres off the British Mediterranean territory, shift and separate further with some residue oil escaping from the ship. The oil boom surrounding the ship had been removed earlier in the week in anticipation of the bad weather. Some beaches were closed while cleaning operations got underway from Friday.

The ship came into contact with LNG carrier Adam LNG while manoeuvring to exit the port of Gibraltar on August 29 last year. The aft of the ship grounded, and a gash opened up on the starboard of the hull and in the following weeks the ship lost its structural integrity.

Salvors have been set a deadline of the end of May to remove the wreck, an operation that has been severely hampered by adverse weather this year.

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Source: Splash247


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