Bunker Barge With 600 Tons Of Diesel On Fire!



Accident : Fire
Date : 7th March 2016
Vessel type : Bunkering Barge
Location : Near Dalian’s Mianhua Dao port area
Crew onboard : 5

The Dalian Maritime Safety Administration said that a bunkering vessel caught fire near Dalian’s Mianhua Dao port area.  It is reported that the vessel, carrying 600 tons of diesel and 40 tons of bunkering oil/heavy fuel, was anchored near the port area during the incident.  Unconfirmed reports claim that the fire started in the accommodation area rapidly spread to the entire vessel.

All five crew members of the ship closed all the valves and abandoned the ship.  Local maritime rescue centre dispatched six vessels and a group of firemen, who contained the fire within six hours.

The investigations for the cause of fire is underway.

What would you do when you are in the scene of such incident?

We are sure that the quick closing valves and the fire dampers play a primary role in containing the fire.  No extinguishing medium would be effective if the quick closing valves and the dampers are not in proper operating condition.



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