Bunker Freighter Sinks After Collision In Singapore Strait



Accident: Collision
Date: 16th December 2015
Location: Singapore Strait
Casualties/Missing: 6 Missing
Pollution: Nil

The freighter carrying 560 metric tonnes of bunker fuel sank after it collided with a chemical tanker in Singapore Strait.

The Maritime and Port Authority in a statement said: Out of the 12 crew members in the freighter, 6 were rescued while the search for the other 6 are in progress.  MPA deployed two patrol crafts while the Police Coast Guard deployed five boats for the Search and Rescue Operations.  All the crew members were taken to the Singapore General Hospital.

MPA alerted the Indonesian authorities about the incident and assisted the authorities to survey and mark the sunken freighter to ensure navigational safety.  The ships in the vicinity were alerted to keep clear of the area and to report any sightings of the missing crew members.

Source: Channel News Asia