Bunker Fuel Availability Holds Strong in Europe & Africa


Northwest Europe

Shipping fuel availability in Rotterdam and the wider ARA hub is challenging due to product tightness at refineries, leading to recommended lead times of 6-7 days for VLSFO and HSFO. However, LSMGO availability is comparatively better with shorter lead times of 3-5 days. Shell’s Pernis refinery is undergoing scheduled maintenance but is expected to be completed by the end of the month. Independently held gasoil stocks in the ARA are slightly higher in May compared to April. India has emerged as the top gasoil import source for the ARA, followed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, and Italy. Bunker fuel availability is tight for prompt dates in Flushing, and VLSFO delivery is subject to inquiry in Pembroke Port, UK. Skaw has normal availability for VLSFO and LSMGO, while HSFO delivery prospects require inquiries. In Hamburg, VLSFO, HSFO, and LSMGO supplies are normal with recommended lead times of 5-6 days for all fuel grades. VLSFO and HSFO deliveries in Bremerhaven are subject to inquiries.


In Gibraltar, bunker fuel supply is generally normal, although fixing prompt stems of HSFO can be slightly difficult, with one supplier fully booked for prompt dates. Lead times of 3-5 days are advised for VLSFO and LSMGO deliveries, while HSFO may require 5-7 days. Minimal congestion was reported in Gibraltar and Algeciras, although three suppliers in Algeciras were behind schedule. Algeciras and Ceuta have normal prompt supply of VLSFO. However, rough weather conditions in the Gibraltar Strait and Las Palmas have led to bunkering suspensions and delays. Lisbon in Portugal is experiencing tightness for prompt HSFO dates. Strong winds forecasted in Tenerife may complicate bunker deliveries. In Malta and Greece’s Piraeus port, bunker fuel supply for all grades is reported as normal.


Bunker fuel supply in South African ports, including Durban and Algoa Bay, is reported as normal. However, fixing prompt stems for VLSFO and LSMGO can be challenging in Durban and Algoa Bay, with recommended lead times of up to seven days. Bunkering operations in Algoa Bay are progressing normally, although strong winds and high swells are forecasted, which could complicate deliveries. Around 15 vessels are expected to arrive for bunkering in Port Elizabeth and Algoa Bay throughout the week.


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Source: Hellenic Shipping