Bunker Holding And SyntexNRG Join Forces To Meet Rising Demand For Green Methanol Supply


  • Bunker Holding A/S and SyntexNRG Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to develop and produce renewable methanol, catering to the growing demand for low-carbon marine fuels.
  • The collaboration aims to meet stringent emission standards while capitalizing on the expanding market for green methanol.

As the maritime industry intensifies its focus on decarbonization, Bunker Holding A/S and SyntexNRG Inc. have forged a pioneering partnership to address the surging demand for sustainable marine fuels. Through their joint efforts, they seek to produce premium-grade methanol that meets rigorous emission standards and supports the industry’s transition towards greener energy solutions.

Meeting Stringent Emission Standards

Bunker Holding A/S and SyntexNRG Inc. are poised to deliver renewable methanol that adheres to the most stringent low-carbon emissions standards, including those outlined by the European Union ETS, the FuelEU Maritime Initiative, and IMO’s ambitious 2030 and 2050 emission reduction targets. By prioritizing green methanol production, the partnership aims to provide environmentally sustainable fuel options to the maritime sector.

Commitment to Solution-Driven Approach

Carlos G. Torres, Global Head of Methanol and Strategic Partnerships at Bunker Holding A/S, underscores the pivotal role of methanol as a future marine fuel. Emphasizing Bunker Holding’s commitment to offering cost-effective supply solutions, Torres highlights the partnership’s focus on aggregating demand and sourcing green methanol globally. Through their solution-driven approach, the companies aim to facilitate the adoption of low-carbon marine fuels across diverse market segments.

Seizing Opportunities in a Growing Market

Tom Waggoner, Managing Director and CEO of Syntex Industries, acknowledges the burgeoning interest in methanol as an alternative to fossil fuels, citing Clarksons’ reports of a significant number of ships transitioning to this promising fuel source. By partnering with Bunker Holding, SyntexNRG Inc. seeks to expand its market reach beyond the US and capitalize on the global demand for green methanol. The collaboration positions both companies to capitalize on the vast potential of the growing green methanol market.

As Bunker Holding and SyntexNRG embark on their collaborative journey, they aim to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable marine fuels. With a shared commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, the partnership signifies a significant step towards realizing a greener, more sustainable maritime industry.

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Source: Safety4sea