Bunker Mass Flow Metering – A New Standard


A Provisional Standard For Mass Flow Metering Systems


Mass Flow Metering system:

A mass flow metering system aims at providing a fair basis for measuring the bunkers supplied.

Singapore, the world’s largest bunkering port, first adopted standardized bunkering procedures in the early 1990’s.  However, concerns surrounding the accuracy of bunkers supplied to vessels have continued over the years.  It has a record volume sales of 45.16 million tons in 2015 alone.

Singapore Standards Council has issued the world’s first Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering (TR48:2015).  The standards will support the initiative of by Singapore Maritime Port Authority and the local shipping industry to use the mass flow metering (MFM) system for marine fuel oil deliveries at Singapore with effect from 1st January 2017.

TR 48 sets out clear requirements for bunker measurement and system integrity.


  • The intention is that the mass flow metering system will bring benefits such as transparency, reliability, efficiency and security.
  • The estimations state that a vessel calling at Singapore for bunkering may save up to an estimated three hours and US$5,000 per call.

Have a look at the fact sheet provided by the Maritime and Port Authority here.

Source: The North of England P&I


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