Bunker Sales Drop To 15-month Low in Singapore


Bunker fuel sales at the port of Singapore decreased by 6.7% on year during September 2021, reports Manifold Times quoting the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) data.

Bunker fuel sales

In total, 3.94 million metric tonnes (mt) (exact 3,935,300 mt) of various marine fuels were sold at the world’s largest bunkering port in September, down from 4.22 million mt (4,217,600 mt) recorded during September 2020.

Deliveries of 500 centistokes (cSt), 380 cSt and 180 cSt grades in September 2021 (against on year) were respectively 87,300 mt (+51% from 57,900 mt), 908,900 mt (+0.4% from 876,000 mt), while 180 cSt product recorded no sales in September 2021 and 2020.

  • Low sulphur variants of 500 cSt, 380 cSt and 180 cSt products in September 2021 (against on year) posted respectively no sales, 1.99 million mt (-11% from 2.23million), 159,100 mt (+876% from 16,300 mt).
  • Low sulphur 100 cSt recorded sales of 434,700 mt (-27% from 593,800 mt) and ULSFO had no sales in September.
  • Low Sulphur marine gas oil (LS MGO) sales were posted at 331,700 mt (-9% from 362,800 mt) and MGO at 26,800 mt (+7% from 25,000 mt).

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Source: Manifold Times


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