Bunker Sales In Singapore Surged By 15% In July

Credits: Port of Gothenburg

Higher sales of HSFO contributed to lift the port’s total bunker sales in July. This surge in HSFO sales contributed to a notable rise in the total amount of bunker fuel sold during that month.

Monthly Singapore bunker sales since January 2019

Credit: Engine

Changes in bunker sales from June to July:

  • Total sales up 579,000 mt to 4.46 million mt
  • VLSFO sales up 306,000 mt to 2.67 million mt
  • HSFO sales up 247,000 mt to 1.48 million mt
  • MGO sales up 26,000 mt to 310,000 mt

In July, 3,511 vessels called to bunker in Singapore, an increase of 142 from June, according to preliminary figures from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

The average stem size increased by 118 mt to 1,270 mt in July.

Bunker Sales in Singapore Skyrocket

HSFO sales surged by 20% and were at their highest level since before the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) global 0.50% sulphur emissions cap came into effect in January 2020.

Singapore’s VLSFO and MGO sales rose by 13% and 9%, respectively.

Meanwhile, total conventional bunker sales across the first seven months of the year were 2% higher compared to the same period last year, helped by 13% more vessels arriving for bunkers this year.

Bunker fuel sales by grade in July

Credit: Engine

Fuel grade share of total sales in July (compared to year to date):

  • 60% VLSFO (62% YTD)
  • 33% HSFO (30% YTD)
  • 7% MGO (8% YTD)

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Source: Engine


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