Bunker Tanker Rams into Bridge


Bunker Freighter Vessel collides with Bridge under Construction


A bunker vessel 2,023 DWT named Dae Yang No.3 owned and operated by Bosung Shipping on Tuesday collided with a construction bridge at Sinan islands in South Korea.  The tanker vessel was heading towards Gunsang from Yeosu with loaded fuel cargo when the collision occurred shortly after a blackout.

The collision was low impact since the vessel collided with the bridge at low speed.  The tanker vessel sustained minor damage and no injuries to the crew were reported.  The fuel cargo was intact and no leakage was reported.

The authorities are investigating the collision since it was suspected that the collision occurred after a blackout caused the vessel to lose propulsion making it unable to be manoeuvred to avoid hitting the construction bridge.

The tanker vessel is currently detained for further investigation.

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Source: Sailors Club