Busan Port Innovates a Special Device to Prevent the Drowsy Driving


Busan Port will develop and introduce a special device to prevent the drivers of yard tractors from drowsy driving or being negligent in keeping their eyes on the road, says an article published in Korea Bizwire.

Introducing from September

Yard tractors are large vehicles that are primarily used to transport containers between a quay where a shiploads or discharges cargo and a container yard.

The Busan Port Authority said that it will develop the drowsy and careless driving prevention device and introduce the device first for 96-yard tractors operating at the No. 3 terminal of the Busan New Port starting from early September.

Planed to extend

The port operator, thereafter, intends to expand the application of the device to other yard tractors operating at all of the port’s container terminals.

Featured with AI

By using a camera installed at the driver’s seat, the device analyzes the driver’s eyes and their direction on a real-time basis. If drivers take their eyes off the road, the device instantly issues warnings in the format of warning lights and sounds.

The device features artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning technology to upgrade the capability of circumstantial judgment through strenuous learning of drivers’ abnormal behaviors.

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Source: KoreaBizwire


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