BWM Convention – Now Only 0.18% Of The World Merchant Tonnage To Go!


BWM Convention – Now only 0.18% of the world merchant tonnage to go!

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  1. On 7 March 2016 Belgium became the 48th IMO Member State to have ratified the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004 (BWM Convention).
  2. The world merchant tonnage now stands at 34.82%, meaning that only “0.18%” is lacking before the Convention requirement of 35% is reached and the 12 month period prior to entry into force will commence. The world merchant percentage figure is based on the global tonnage data as of end-February 2016.
  3. Owner/manager for which a change in the actual compliant date for all or some of their ships might be an option, are encouraged to contact their ship’s Flag State for information on the potential possibilities related to the individual ship’s compliance date.
  4. The compliance date is in general terms tied up with the first coming renewal of the International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate after the entry into force date of the BWM Convention. Even though any change of a ship’s survey and certificate renewal plan, would involve some additional cost, such step might prove to be beneficial if the patch for selecting and installing or retrofitting a compliant and suitable Ballast Water Management System is felt uncertain.
  5. It should be noted that not all Flag States may allow/grant such options as mentioned above.

Source: IR Class


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