Cable Ship Capsizes After Collision with Tanker


On January 14, a cable ship capsized after colliding with a tanker in the Indonesian waters of the Singapore Straits.

What happened?

The cable ship ‘MV Star Centurion’ capsized in the Indonesian waters of the Singapore Straits after it collided with a tanker. The ship was involved in undersea cable and pipe-laying when the incident occurred.

The vessel capsized in one of the world’s busiest shipping zones with hundreds of container ships, oil and fuel tankers and dry bulk carriers daily traversing the waters that connect East Asia to Europe, India, and Africa.

Crew rescued

The Indonesian coast guard based at Tanjung Uban on Bintan were alerted about the incident who rushed to the site. The coast guard rescued the crew members onboard the vessel.

Vessel capsizes

The impact of the collision resulted in the capsizing of the cable ship whereas the tanker sustained minor scratches.

Samsul Nizar, the head of operations at the Indonesian coast guard commented that the vessel has already capsized, but hasn’t sunk completely. The Coast guard vessels were monitoring the ship and all crew were in a safe condition.

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Source: Reuters


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