California: Introduction of New Bill To Safeguard the Coastal Areas



A report says that an estimate of 101,000 gallons of oil leaked into the surroundings due to a broken pipeline.  Out of 101,000 gallons oil discharged, nearly 21,000 gallons of oil happen to reach the Pacific Ocean.  This devastating incident is similar to another incident that occurred in Santa Barbara on 28th January 1969.  Due to a well blowout during drilling from an offshore oil platform, an approximate of three million gallons of oil discharged into the surroundings.

California’s Senate Bill 788 is an act, which if accepted, would abolish section 6244 of the Public Resources Code, relating to coastal resources.  The bill is heading towards the Assembly after being passed in the California’s state Senate. Section 6244 of the Public Resources Code at present reads:

“The Commission [State Lands Commission] may enter into any lease for the extraction of oil or gas from state-owned tide and submerged lands in the California Coastal Sanctuary if the commission determines that those oil and gas deposits are being drained by means of producing wells upon adjacent federal lands and the lease is in the best interests of the state”.

The State Lands Commission’s authorization would be eliminated by the Senate Bill 788 under section 6244 of Public Resources Code.  Also, it would prohibit new offshore oil drilling in the Santa Barbara Channel known as Tranquillon Ridge.

Source: The Standard P&I Club