Can Maersk Tanker Fleet Become Remote Office Locations?


Yes!  With our version of BlueCORE™ onboard, we can regard our fleet as remote office locations with real-time,

Says Thomas Landwehr, IT Governance and Project Portfolio Manager at Maersk Tankers in Copenhagen, Denmark.


A long-term IT and communications contract to Sweden’s Sea IT has been awarded by Maersk Tankers.  The contract involves deployment of a customised version of Sea IT’s  flagship product BlueCORE™ , a complete IT system including Wi-Fi on the Maersk Tankers fleet of more than 100 tankers.  Maersk Tankers can be regarded as remote offices to operate its ships with on board IT systems integrated with onshore networks.

The target for Installation of BlueCore on the vessels is agreed to commence this year and to be concluded in 2017.  Sea IT will also serve as a 2nd line support in close collaboration with the Maersk Tankers own support team in Manila, Asia.

Maersk Tankers vessel IT manager Henning Madsen conveyed that Sea IT was able to prove the concept and outline the operational benefits.  Maersk Tankers IT governance and project portfolio manager Thomas Landwehr said the company would be able to integrate the IT from its separate departments to improve the operations.

“With our version of Bluecore on board, we can regard our fleet as remote office locations with real-time, online access to our internal applications”, Mr. Landwehr said.  “It is a cost efficient, modular platform which supports Maersk Tankers business objectives”.

Source: Sea IT


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