Cannabis-Laced Cheetos Hospitalize 6 US School Kids


On Thursday, six pupils at a California elementary school were sent to the hospital after eating cannabis-laced Cheetos, says an article published in Insider.

Food-related illnesses

At around 11:30 a.m., deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call regarding pupils at Enchanted Elementary School in Perris, California, suffering from food-related ailments, according to KTLA.

According to the investigation, a student brought the snack to class and shared it with peers. 

According to KTLA, the pupil had no idea it was laced with cannabis.

Ingested the snack

Raquel Miranda told CBS LA that her 9-year-old daughter Davina got dizzy after eating the snack. Her throat and stomach hurt as well.

Specks of green

“I’m like these don’t taste right. Then I smelled it, little specks of green on it,” Davina told the outlet. 

According to Davina, the girl who brought in the snacks may have been aware that they were contaminated.

“I went up to her and I was like, ‘What are these?’ and she was like, ‘Don’t tell anyone, but I put something in these,’ and then my friend asked her if she put something in these and she said, ‘No, no. I didn’t,’ changing her answer,” Davina said. 

Continue to be concerned

This was a unique incident, according to the Sheriff’s Depconcerne.

“At this time there are no reasons parents and students should continue to be concerned,” the department added.

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Source: Insider


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