Captain Accused of Being Drunk in Charge of Vessel



A sea captain from Lithuania has been ordered to appear in a court in Belfast after he was booked under the charges of being under the influence of alcohol when in charge of a container ship.

Captain Eugenijus Tulauskas was arrested on Sunday by the Harbour police on-board the ship after he was found to have consumed excess alcohol.

The captain is reported to be a 43-year-old with no fixed residence and he was also the professional master of the ship.

Despite concerns raised by the investigation officers, the disgraced captain was granted bail. He must surrender his travel documents and report to the police daily as a part of bail agreement and is due to appear in court again on 10th October.  He is prohibited from entering the concerned ship again and the company which owns the ship has assured the court that a new captain will be flown in for manning the ship.

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References: ITV, BBC


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