Car Carrier Burst into Flames in Antwerp


Fire on Car carrier docked in Port


Last night, a car carrier reportedly burst into flames and the Antwerp fire department was called in to cool the 1989-built car carrier Silver Sky.

A Spokeswoman of the Antwerp fire brigade mentioned that the temperature on board is still too high to enter the ship, so the damage caused by the fire is not yet determined.

All 24 crew members aboard were evacuated from the vessel and there were no reports of injuries during this incident.

The raging fire started while the ship was docked at the Port of Antwerp.  The cause of the fire incident was reportedly due to one of the second-hand cars which were being loaded onto the vessel.

The fire department personnel are bringing the fire under control by utilizing tugboats and water cannons, while Carbon dioxide will be used to suffocate the fire sources, the spokeswoman said.

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Source: Antwerp Gazette