Car Carrier Sinks As It Collides With Containership In English Channel



Accident : Collision
Date : 28th February 2016
Vessel type : Car Carrier and container ship
Location : English Channel
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

A Norwegian Car carrier collided with another container ship and sank in the fog-bound English Channel.  The vessel is reported to carry 77 containers with 2,862 brand new cars during the collision.

According to the reports, the container ship incurred severe damages and is now sailing to the port with the Crew on board.  A Belgian warship along with the French coastguard are there for assistance.  An emergency towing vessel owned by the coastguard is also getting to the scene along with the other tugs.

Dover, Coastguard spokesman said: “There were no reported injuries since the vessel’s crew were asked to abandon the ship.  The captain, together with his 22 Filipino crew was saved by lifeboats before the ship sunk into the deep sea.”

According to French coastguard, the car carrier is currently submerged at the bottom of the sea but at low tide, the vessel appears to be partially submerged.

The sunken vessel had 2,000 tons fuel to power the ship.  Hence, a barrier was set around the area just in case the boat’s fuel will leak.  The cause of the collision is under investigation, which is delayed due to the dense fog in that area.

Source: Newswatch‎



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