Cargo Goes Smart



After classrooms and mobiles, cargo also goes smart.  The next-generation technology of built-in container connectivity, when outfitted in vessels will enable even the most deeply hidden container to be connected through built-in relay antennas!

CMA CGM has outfitted the Bougainville, its flagship vessel, with next-generation technology that makes it the world’s first container ship with built-in container connectivity.  The 18,000-TEU vessel is equipped with Traxens technology that enables containers to communicate among themselves and to the ship’s communication infrastructure.

The system collects data such as location, temperature, humidity level, vibrations, impacts, attempted burglary and customs clearance status in real-time.  The system can also remotely control and adjust the temperature of refrigerated containers.  The advantage is that the Industrial Internet could save $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP in efficiency gains over the next two decades by merging the digital and physical technologies.

The Future of Work is driven by three interrelated and mutually reinforcing trends:

  1. The Industrial Internet, which merges big data with big iron, integrating cloud-based analytics with industrial machinery, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced downtime.
  2. Advanced manufacturing, which weaves together design, product engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and servicing into one cohesive intelligent system, delivering greater speed and flexibility at lower costs.
  3. The Global Brain, the collective intelligence of human beings across the globe integrated by digital communication, resulting in crowdsourcing, open collaboration and a much faster pace of innovation.  The connected ship is arriving much quicker than many have anticipated.