Cargo Shift Capsize Ropax Vessel



The Ro-Ro passenger ship Soby capsized at the berth in Mindelo port in Sao Vincente Island, Cape Verde.

What happened?

The vessel was offloading cargo, but one of the containers started to slide and caused a general cargo shift.

The vessel developed a heavy list to the port board and capsized at the pier. The ship ended with bottom up, partially remaining above the water at the terminal of the cabotage dock.

Attempts to refloat vessel to begin:

The local authorities will consider salvage operations at high tide next day. The vessel will be towed to another location in the bay, where it be refloated.

Fortunately, during the accident, there were no injuries and no reported casualties, as all the crew abandoned the vessel when it started developing the list.

Witness accounts:

According to witness evidence only two containers had been unloaded when the cargo shifted and caused capsizing of the ship.

The Ro-Ro passenger ship Soby was carrying containers and two cars, weighing 185 tons. There is no report about water pollution, but the area is under monitoring for leaks.

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Source: A Nação


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