Cargo Shift Destabilize the Ship


A vessel reportedly was unstable after suffering a shift in its cargo and required assistance.

What happened?

On February 11, the vessel ‘Confident’ was enroute from Russian Far East port to Busan when it developed a 10-degree list to starboard after the deck cargo of timber.

The captain of the vessel decided to turn the ship towards Ulsan and requested for assistance.

Cargo shift

Once the vessel arrived at the port, escorted by a tug, the cranes were employed to remove the cargo and stabilise the ship. But it did not go as planned and the vessel started to shift 20 degrees suddenly shifted to portside.

Salvage underway

The port officials and salvage workers are trying to bring the situation under control by trying to stabilize the vessel and to prevent her from capsizing.

As a precautionary measure, oil booms are placed around the vessel to contain any oil spillage or leakage.

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Source: Vessel Tracker


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