Cargo Ship Capsize after Hitting Reef, Navigational Alert near Olinda!



On November 12, a general cargo ship Navemar-XII capsized and sank after striking a reef near the Lighthouse in Olinda, Brazil.

The vessel with cargo of construction materials was en route from Recife to Fernando de Noronha in northern course, but shortly after leaving the separation scheme struck on with underwater reef.

The cargo ship suffered underwater damaged and water ingress.  The vessel lost stability and capsized, remaining with keel above the water.

Local authorities picked up the distress signal from the ship and rescued all six crew.  There were no report of injuries and water pollution from the incident, but the ship’s wreck is under close watch by the authorities.  Investigation is under way into the incident.

Professor of Oceanography of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Pedro Pereira uses satellite imagery and other sources of study to analyze the conditions of the region where there was a wreck.  “In line with the Lighthouse there are three reefs: One near sand beach, one in the middle and other in the external are well wide reefs in that region where there is really a danger to navigation,”

“Several of these new reefs are not in the charts. There regions are shallow where there was an update,” added the student, noting that “however it is not possible to say that reefs are related to the incident.”

The maritime administration and local authorities sent warning to all vessels navigating the region to be extra cautious about the presence of uncharted reefs and strong winds posing dangers.

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Source: Folha PE