Cargo Ship Collides with Bunker Anti-pollution Tanker



A general cargo ship collided with an anti-pollution bunker tanker on the Volga-Caspian Sea Canal.  Both the vessels collided when they were crossing routes near the 17-kilometers mark.  It is reported that the collision occurred due to a violation of Col Reg and a serious lack of communication between the vessels.

Due to the result of the collision both the vessels suffered serious damages but a major collision was averted as the officers succeeded to steer away from the vessel in the last minute.  Both the vessels were reprimanded by the local authorities for further inspection and investigation to determine the cause of the collision.  After several hours, the general cargo ship was released and resumed its voyage whereas the bunker tanker is still anchored at the port.

No causalities or pollution to the environment was reported.  The traffic at the Volga–Caspian Sea Canal was not hampered or disturbed during the accident.

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Source: Cuget Liber