Cargo Ship Collides With Transporter Bridge


Accident: Collision
Vessel type: General Cargo Ship
Location: Eider river in Kiel Canal
Casualties/Pollution: Nil

A cargo ship collided with the transporter bridge at Eider river in Kiel Canal.  According to the reports, the duty officer missed the notifications for the passing bridge and did wrong estimation of river currents.  This caused the collision.  Both the vessel and the bridge suffered damages.  The wheelhouse and the accommodation area of the vessel were badly hit and the bridge is closed for operations as it is seriously broken.

The ship has been detained in Rendsburg for repair and full inspection.  The ship did not suffer underwater damages, but will be inspected by the authorities and port state control.  There will be a delay in the schedule of the ship.

The repair of the bridge will take several months, as construction and foundations strength should be surveyed.  The tether of the bridge is not maneuverable.

The ship was en route from Liepaja, Latvia to Husum, Germany.


Source: Kieler Nachrichten

Video: wnbe on YouTube

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.