Cargo Ship Crashes in Harbour


On September 9, a new freighter which was launched last month reportedly crashed into boats which were docked in the harbour.

What happened?

The 842-ton new freighter ‘The Mali Rose’ belonging to the Isles of Scilly group crashed into boats which were moored in Penzance harbour. The vessel reportedly collided with a yacht and a trawler.

The extent of damage of the vessel and the other boats remains unknown and will be estimated shortly. An investigation has been launched to determine the course of the incident leading to collision.

Investigation launched:

A spokeswoman for the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group confirmed that the ship was involved in the incident.

She said: “The Mali Rose was involved in a minor incident on Saturday, September 9, at 6.25pm when entering Penzance Harbour. It has been confirmed that no-one was hurt. At this stage, it is thought that the ship collided with a trawler and small yacht within the wet dock area of the harbour. The extent of the damage is in the process of being evaluated and the company’s marine team has commenced a full investigation of the incident”.

Watch the first time the boat came into Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly.

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Source: Pirate FM