Cargo Ship Crew Honored For Saving A Life In Frigid Waters



A lifesaving award was presented to the crew of the cargo ship Joseph L. Block by the Coast Guard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Saturday.

On August 24, the crew of the 714-foot cargo ship diverted from its course to respond to a sinking 28-foot vessel 10 miles off of Port Washington.  They hoisted the lone boater onto the Joseph L. Block from the frigid waters of Lake Michigan, later the man was assisted by members of the Coast Guard and Ozaukee County Marine Division.

The Capt. David P. Dobbins Award recognizes outstanding action accomplished while conducting a search and rescue mission on the Great Lakes.

“Despite its commercial endeavors, the crew showed initiative and dedication by saving the life of a fellow Great Lakes mariner, upholding the legacy of Capt. Dobbins,” said Cocanour.

Capt. David P. Dobbins was the first superintendent of the U.S. Lifesaving Service of the Great Lakes, and distinguished himself by performing and organizing numerous heroic rescues during his career.

In memory of his heritage, initiative and dedication, the award is presented to individuals who perform distinguished search and rescue acts on the Great Lakes.

Source: U.S. Coast Guard Newsroom


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