Cargo Ship Drags Anchor and Allides with Two Maersk Drilling Vessels



A heavy load carrier apparently alluded with two oil drilling rigs when it tried to manoeuvre out of the port.

What happened?

On April 10, a heavy load carrier Rotra Vente allided with two Maersk drilling rigs at Port of Esbjerg in Denmark.

Engine failure reported:

The ship suffered engine failure and blackout on Monday night during maneuvering to leave the harbor.

The blackout left the vessel adrift under the pressure of the strong wind and raising tide, which pushed on a collision course against the drilling rigs Maersk Resolve and Maersk Resolute, which were currently docked at the port.

Dragged anchor and collided:

The crew of heavy load carrier Rotra Vente dropped anchor, while the local authorities started evacuation of the docked rigs. The vessel dragged anchor and collided alongside with the helipad of one of the rigs.

Lost control of ship:

“The ship simply lost its main engine and so the crew can therefore neither control or do something, and with the strong winds and currents in the evening, then turned right back to the harbor, where it collided with the two drilling rigs that lay inside for repairs”, said the team leader at the port guard in Esbjerg, Michael Fries.

“Fortunately ship collided with one rig alongside. If it had hit it directly we could have had much more damage and oil spills, but we escaped”, added he in front of local media Judske Vestkusten.

The rising tide in the port caused another danger for the cargo ship and port, which might cause major damage to the vessel.

Rescue crew free stricken ship:

The local authorities and salvage teams tried to free the disabled heavy load carrier Rotra Vente, but her mast and antennas stuck in the platform and hampered the work.

“We asked the captain to fill ballast water in the stern, so it stuck deeper, and so could the two tugboats towed the vessel. It happened really without much trouble when we first got her free”, said Michael Fries.

Maersk confirms collision:

AP Moller-Maersk confirmed the collision and evacuation. The heavy load carrier Rotra Vente collided with two rigs Maersk Resolve and Maersk Resolute, which were stacked in the port of Esbjerg. Maersk Drilling is working with the Port and relevant authorities.

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Source: JydskeVestkysten


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