Cargo Ship Hit Injures Two


Two river pilots escaped with slight injuries when a cargo ship collided with two boats and pontoons in River Nene at Sutton bridge.


Incident : Collision
Date : 23rd February 2016
Vessel Type : Cargo ship and Fenland District Council’s craft and pontoons
Location :  Crosskeys Bridge, River Nene
Casualties or Pollution : Two men injured

A cargo ship was on its way from Wisbech to a port in The Netherlands when it collided with two of Fenland District Council’s craft and pontoons.  Two men were injured during the accident and were taken to a hospital.

Police rushed to the spot and notifications were sent to the Marine Coastguard Authority (MCA) and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).  The investigations are underway and the Harbour Authority may be liaised, if found guilty.


A Fenland District Council spokesman said; “Two of the council’s marine staff were slightly injured.  One was taken to hospital, where he was checked and discharged last night.  The other saw his GP for a check-up this morning.  Both men have been told to rest for a few days.  The pontoons are Fenland District Council’s own moorings.  Public moorings are unaffected.”

Fortunately, there was no other reports regarding injuries or environmental hazards.

Source: Fenland Citizen


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