Cargo Ship Involved in a Messy Oil Spill



The Story:

A shipping vessel docked in the vicinity of Caribbean Dockyard has been a source of oil spill into the Gulf of Persia.

What happened?

The unidentified vessel which is currently docked in Chaguaramas has been involved in causing a serious oil spill in the Gulf of Persia.  The source of the spill is reported to be a leak in the fuel compartment thus resulting in massive contamination of water.  However, no major contamination was detected.

A statement released by Environmental Management Authority (EMA) on Monday confirmed that the oil and oil slick occurred.

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG), Maritime Services Division and ODPM were alerted.

The Coast Guard officials have confirmed that oil was found but there was no heavy oil contamination in the Chaguaramas area.

Surveillance operations:

On Tuesday, the EMA conducted additional shoreline surveillance operations in the Chaguaramas area.

Gary Aboud, Secretary, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) said, that the marine life and the fisherfolk are being affected by the spill and is calling on the authorities to address the issue.

A video was posted on social media shows the residents living on Monos Island, the waters being covered with black crude oil.  The oil looks thick like a cake and still they have deemed it as a minor contamination without initiating any further action.

Failure by EMA:

Abound said the EMA has failed to fully execute its duties and punish those responsible for the spills.

Fisherman Roger Tardieu said this has been the worst spill he has seen in years.

He said: “It’s been a long time since we have seen something like this. Everything of ours has been damaged and we have to redo everything.  We not expecting the EMA or anyone to help us because we will do the sign-up and nothing happens, so we have to face the losses ourselves.  The state is really bad.”

Hope the EMA officials take necessary action against the owner and the captain of the ship for causing this spill and also requested to speedy clean up process to minimize the damaged.

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Source: Trinidad Express