Cargo Ship Loses Power and Runs Aground Near a Cornwall Lighthouse

Credit: Roy Liz Barlow

A rescue is under way after a cargo ship lost power and ran aground near a lighthouse off the coast of Cornwall, states a BBC news source.

Cargo ship near Wolf Rock lighthouse

A cargo ship is near Wolf Rock lighthouse, about nine miles off Land’s End.

Coastguard helicopters have been at the scene, along with RNLI lifeboats from Sennen Cove, Penlee and Lizard and a tug was also sent to assist.

The ship’s operators CLdN said the 22 crew and three passengers on board the vessel were safe and unharmed.

credit: BBC

HM Coastguard

HM Coastguard said it was coordinating the response.

Gareth Shaw, rescue co-ordination centre manager at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, told the BBC that following an initial assessment, it was decided the safest course of action was for the crew and passengers to remain on board – with the lifeboats and a second helicopter remaining on standby alongside the vessel in case it needed to be evacuated.

Mr Shaw said the Coastguard was notified about the incident at about 09:10 BST on Monday.

“I imagine that the operation will go on throughout the evening now, into tomorrow, and then, in a more safe place, the vessel will be reassessed and any damages will be looked at in detail, to assess the viability of it moving further, and continuing on its passage,” he said.

A CLdN spokesperson said: “After running aground, two of the ballast tanks were breached and water ingress was reported, which has been since contained.

“The vessel is stable.”

It said the roll-on, roll-off vessel had been en route to Zeebrugge, Belgium, and that no pollution had been reported.

Emergency response plan

CLdN said it had activated its “emergency response plan” and notified all relevant authorities.

Additionally, it said it was coordinating with the Coastguard and tugboat assistance was under way.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company said the Scillonian III ferry, which takes passengers between the islands and Penzance, “made a detour to Wolf Rock this morning and was on standby to support a vessel in distress”.

It left the scene and docked at St Mary’s at about 16:00 BST.

Trinity House, which owns and operates the lighthouse, said it was aware of the incident.

“There were no Trinity House personnel on the lighthouse at the time,” said a spokesperson.


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Source:  BBC News