Cargo Ship Loses Propulsion Power in Rough Weather



A general cargo ship has reportedly lost its propulsion power due to rough weather in the Norwegian Sea.

What happened?

The general cargo ship Nidaroe lost propulsion power in rough weather at Heroy area in the Norwegian Sea.  The vessel remained adrift towards Stigfjorden coast with danger for capsizing.

The crew reportedly had sent a distress signal to the local authorities, reporting engine failure. A towing tug named Cetus was dispatched to the scene of the troubled cargo vessel, which succeeded to keep the situation under control and prevent the ship from grounding. The tug was too small to start towing of the ship and at the scene was dispatched the larger salvage tug Nautilus Balder, which was expected to tow freighter to safe waters.  Meanwhile, the ship engineers were working to solve the problem with failure engines and succeeded to return the power.

Vessel powered up:

The crew of general cargo ship Nidaroe succeeded to fix the problem and restarted the engine.  The vessel proceeded to move under its own power and prevented a more serious accident.  The salvage tug Nautilus Balder escorted the cargo ship to safe waters, where will be held safety inspection and special survey.

Fortunately, during the accident there were no crew members injured or water pollution was reported.

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Source: VG


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