Cargo Ship Ran Aground In Caspian Sea



Incident : Vessel Grounding
Vessel Type : General Cargo Ship
Location : 15 nautical miles South-East off Lagan, Russia
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

A cargo ship experienced steering gear failure while transiting Volga – Caspian Sea Canal, and ran aground into a sandy/mud shallow off the coast.  The vessel was carrying 495 tons of mill cake and several containers and it was enroute from Iran to port Olya during the incident and could not refloat with its own power.

Authorities were called for assistance, who inspected the vessel for damages, before towing back to safe depth.  Partial unloading might be done if the ship fails to refloat.  There were no reports of pollution or casualties.

Source: Shipwreck Log


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