Cargo Ship Ran Aground Off Japanese Coast



Accident : Vessel grounding
Date : 10th January 2016
Vessel type : Cargo ship
Crew on board : 18
Location : Off the coast of Yamagata prefecture in northeast Japan
Casualties : None
Pollution : Not reported

A Panama-flagged Cargo ship ran aground off the coast of Yamagata prefecture in northeast Japan.  The ship departed from the Russian port of Nakhodka and partly unloaded its cargo at Akita prefecture.  After unloading, the ship left for South Korea but ran aground near Sakata port.

The crew consisting of 14 Russians and 4 citizens of Bangladesh were evacuated to the nearby Sakata port.  All the crew members were reported to be safe.

According to the reports, high waves were cited as a reason for the vessel grounding.

Source: TASS



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