Cargo Ship Ran Aground Off Porto Nogaro



On Monday, a general cargo ship with steel tonnage reportedly ran aground after it got stuck on a sandbank in a waterway.

What happened?

The general cargo ship Amira Eman ran aground at San Giorgio di Nogaro in Italy. The vessel was loaded with 4,500 tonnes of steel products and stuck in within the Corno river waterway after departure from Porto Nogaro en route to Alexandria.

No serious damage:

The vessel left the fairway and stuck into the sandbank, but did not suffered serious damages. The accident was reported to local authorities and at the scene was sent towing tug Cp 846, which assisted with refloating of the general cargo ship Amira Eman.

There were no damages to the troubled freighter and no reported damages of the hull. The ship was inspected and released to return in service and resumed the voyage to Egypt.

Nine of the crew members onboard the cargo ship were injured and no pollution to the environment were reported. The ship was allowed to resume the voyage after about two hours.

The local authorities initiated investigation to determine the root cause of the accident.

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Source: Il Gazzettino


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