Cargo Ship Runs Aground


A cargo ship, Nathalie has run aground at Bath in South Beveland, the Netherlands.



 Cargo ship runs aground off Bath

Vessel Involved:

 Cargo vessel Nathalie


 Wester Scheldt, South Beveland, the Netherlands


 None, Damage to the hull

A cargo ship ran aground at Bath during low tide in South Beveland, the Netherlands around 0500 hrs local time on Friday,28th August 2015. The vessel was en route from Antwerp with six crew members. The vessel had just entered the Wester Scheldt when it grounded on the cobbles of the embankment. This incident has led to a substantial damage to the hull of the vessel and developed a slight list toward portside. The vessel was back into waters before the high tide at 1:45 p.m. local time. An investigation has been set up to probe the reasons behind grounding of the vessel.

Source: HVZeeland