Cargo Ship Sinks in Black Sea


On October 13, a vessel carrying metal scrap and flying under the Panama flag sunk in the Black Sea while its crew members were safely rescued.

What happened?

The Panama flagged vessel loaded with scrap metal was enroute to the port of Novorossiysk with eight crew members when it ran into trouble in the Black Sea.

The Sevastopol on-duty maritime rescue center received a call about a vessel in distress 50 miles from the Black Sea coast. The vessel tilted to one side and its crew boarded a rescue raft. The Sea-going vessels traveling through the area were summoned for help, including the Minerva tanker that took the distressed ship’s crew onboard.

Crew rescued

Russia’s Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) conveyed that the ship had swayed to its side and sank. The eight crew members onboard the vessel were rescued. Among the crewmembers, there were two Turkish nationals and six citizens from Azerbaijan.

Investigation launched

An investigation has been launched into the incident. The crew members onboard the sunken vessel were reported to be safe and no pollution to the environment was reported.

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Source: TASS


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