Cargo Ship Sinks, Spills Oil in the Aegean Sea



On 24th December, a general cargo ship sinks on the northern coast of Andros Island, Greece, Aegean Sea.

What happened?

The general cargo vessel CABRERA reportedly ran aground northern coast off Andros Island, Greece. The vessel was en route from Greece to Finland when the incident occurred.


The incident occurred due to unfavorable weather conditions.  According to the data provided by AIS, the incident is said to have occurred to a navigational error.  The vessel ran aground with listing up to 45 degrees.

An alarm was raised by crew members on the ship and the Greek navy airlifted 9 crew members from the stricken ship.

It was reported later that the ship has fully sunk into the Aegean Sea.

The sinking has caused pollution around the vessel, both debris and oil spill was detected that was covering an area of 500 sq. meters around the ship.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the accident and the Greece authorities are in plans to dispatch relevant committees to clean up the pollution.

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